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Another Piggy Painting Up for Grabs!

You can bid on this piece and win it

Hi Everybody!

It is me, Lian, the dumbass who broke her ankle walking up the stairs of the subway. Today I’m sharing a process video of how I paint a piggy painting with gouache and colored pencils. If you’re looking for the story of how I broke my ankle, that’ll come another day when I have more energy to draw it!

This painting is 8x9 inches

This painting is for a fundraiser auction my editor Mabel is hosting to raise money for the Senate race in Georgia. So if you entered in the giveaway and really want a pig painting but don’t want to leave it up to chance, you can bid on this painting and hold your fate in your own hands. If you get in early and nobody else bids on it, you can snag this original painting for the starting bid which is a super low price of $50!

If you would like to place a bid, you can follow the link below:


There are also a bunch of other publishing related items up for auction, from manuscript critiques, consultations with agents, signed books and MORE up for grabs as well if any of you are interested. You can find the full auction list here.

Once again, thanks for all the support fellas! I’ve just been resting the past couple of days but I’m already losing my mind a little from my limited mobility. Fingers crossed that I heal quickly!

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